Overvecht Zombiewalk

19 April, 2008 - 14:00

If you have ever pinched yourself to see if you would wake up from this mundane dream called life, know then that you are not alone! Join us in a melancholic revolution without leaders, and sense of direction. Join us, on Saturday the 19th of April, as we take to the streets of Overvecht, and march towards a new dawn.


Grotere kaart weergeven

A Zombiewalk is an event in which participants dressed up as zombies take to the streets and follow a predetermined route through te city. The first Zombiewalk was held in Toronto, with no less than 6 participants. Since then, it has spread like a contagious disease to other cities all over the world.

From 14:00 everyone is welcome at Buurthuis Transit, where there will be makeup and liters of fake blood. Bring old clothes. At 16:00 the zombies leave in the direction of the Overvecht Shoppingmall.

Overvecht Zombiewalk
Zaterdag 19 april 2008, 14:00
Buurthuis Transit, Moldaudreef 15, Utrecht.
Bereikbaar met stadsbus 1 (halte Atlasdreef) of stadsbus 8 (halte Medusadreef).

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