Was it but a dream?

zombiewalk overvecht 19042008 722.jpg

Saturday 19 April 2008. A day to never forget. Ominous moans and spine-chilling screams echoed between the highrises in Overvecht. Ghostly apparitions pushed their way through the neighborhood, leaving a trail of blood. Half human, half monster, it is clear that these beings must have crept out from the underworld, to roam the earth. Followed by the spooky orchestra Tegenwind, beguiling the onlookers with their haunting music.

In our modest opinion, the Overvecht Zombiewalk was a great success! What did you think? Have you seen the fotos and videos yet? Have some of your own? If so, register and upload your pictures here. Or just leave a comment using the Post new comment forms below the articles.

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